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Service Department

Service Department Overview

The Village of Walton Hills Service Department has long been considered one of the Village's greatest assets.  Fast, efficient and courteous service has always been a top priority when serving our residents' many diverse needs.  Our Service Department team members take great pride in providing top notch service in many areas of community assistance.  Our various duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Curbside leaf collection
  • Curbside brush chipping
  • Street maintenance
  • Snow plowing / ice treatment
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Right-of-Way maintenance
  • Building maintenance
  • Sanitary and storm sewer maintenance
  • Trash / recycling collection management
Seasonal programs that are performed by the same employees may include:

  • Leaf collection
  • Brush chipping
  • Snow plowing
  • Right-of-Way maintenance
A brief description of these services are provided to better serve and answer most FAQ's:

Leaf Collection

  • Starting approximately Mid-October through November
  • Leaves must be raked to the road edge in loose, neat piles
  • Leaf piles should not contain any hidden debris, branches, grass clippings or other
  • foreign matter that may cause personal injury or equipment damage
  • Keep leaf piles clear of all drainage pipes, catch basins, signposts and mailboxes
  • Weather permitting, our goal is to collect leaves at least once a week at each house location
Brush Chipping

**If you hire a company to prune or remove trees, THEY must remove all material**

  • Brush chipping is available from mid-spring until October 1st
  • The brush chipper will make rounds through the Village at least once a week
Items we will NOT chip:                                                       
Dimensional lumber                                    
Hedge clippings                                   
Grasses of any kind
Anything with excessive dirt
Bundles wrapped in twine, wire or tape
Stumps / roots
            (Anything from below ground, no matter how "clean" it may appear)
These are for safety reasons and/or longevity of the chipping machine.

Staging of Brush at Road

  • Place all branches, cut ends facing the road, in loose piles at the street by Monday morning
  • Branches cannot be larger than 6 inches in diameter
  • The longer the branch, the easier it is to load and run through the chipper.  However, the   branch must be able to be picked up by the employee and drug by hand to the chipper
  • Leave separation between piles  This is to allow employees the ability to reach in and pull the pile to the chipper in a safe manner
  • If you are removing several trees or redoing landscaping, we ask that you do the project in phases.  We ask that you keep your piles to a minimum so that our time at each stop should not be any longer than 5 minutes
  • If you only have one or two sticks, please hold those until you have an armload, this will help us streamline our operations and better serve the community
 Brush piles will not be picked up if they are too difficult to remove or are not placed properly, as these are safety risks for employees.

Snow plowing / Ice treatment

  • Walton Hills Service Department provides around the clock snow and ice control services for all Village streets and parking lots as needed
  • The department keeps a vast supply of rock salt on hand throughout the winter to provide for a safe driving environment at all times
  • We participate in the O.D.O.T. salt purchasing program to ensure an advantageous price per ton with each yearly contract
Trash Collection

  • Trash / recycling collection for the entire Village is on Friday each week.  Collection service is presently performed by the Kimble Company
  • A 96 gallon trash and a 64 gallon recycling tote are provided free of charge to all residents
  • Totes can be placed at the street no earlier than 6:00 pm the evening before collection day
  • Totes must be placed at the roadside no later than 7:00 am on collection day
  • Totes must be removed from the Right of way on the evening of collection day
  • Bulk items may be placed along side of the regular rubbish for pick-up, it is best to call Kimble Company to advise you have bulk items
  • Trash / recycling collection will be delayed one day in observance of the following holidays:
                                    New Year's Day
                                    Memorial Day
                                    Independence Day
                                    Labor Day

Maintaining Village equipment

The Village employs one mechanic to perform the needed maintenance on all Village owned equipment and used by all departments.  We presently provide scheduled and emergency maintenance on approximately 65 pieces of equipment ranging from front-end loaders, backhoes, garden tractors, 5-ton dump trucks, 1-ton dump truck, pick-up trucks, police cars and recreational vehicles and buses.

We have been able to achieve tremendous cost savings by maintaining our own equipment in-house rather than sending out repairs to high priced automotive dealerships and / or vehicle repair shops.

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Office Hours / Location:

Monday - Friday
7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Walton Hills Service Garage
6800 Dunham Road 
Walton Hills, OH 44146
Phone: 216-523-4445
Fax: 216-581-0421

Staff Directory:
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